Quinn's Bio

It’s probably safe to say I was destined to be an architect even before I was born. The profession has marked my ancestry for hundreds of years. I am proud to be a sixth-generation architect who has spent the past 25 years establishing my own identity and making my mark in this noble field. The ever-present voice that speaks to me, perhaps through my predecessors, encourages and challenges me to search for the most creative and purposeful solutions, and never settle for the ordinary. For me, architecture is a never-ending quest to achieve the seamless union of technology, function, and art. The constant yearning to create timeless expression is what moves me.

To this day I still remember the valuable lessons of my father and grandfather who came before me. From my grandfather, Tihamer, I learned that architecture is ͞the supreme social artform—an inspirational vehicle that operates to elevate the aesthetic-built environment and impact the lives of individuals in a positive way.͟ When my grandfather left his war-torn country of Hungary, his desire was to help re-build a world that was in dire need of hope. From my father, Gregory, I learned professional perseverance. He would often say, ͞Architecture is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.͟ Simply translated, architecture is about imagination and creativity but also about having the disposition and technical expertise to have your designs beautifully constructed.

As I reflect upon my career in architecture to this point, I understand the overwhelming impact that studying alongside some of the world’s most influential architects in New York City has had on me. As a graduate of New York Institute of Technology, I rubbed elbows and gleaned insight from such architectural greats as Peter Pran, Livio Dimitriu, Robert Stern, John Hejduk, Bentel and Bentel…and so many more. From that almost daily experience I came to appreciate the type of ͞out of the box͟ credo, and ideology to ͞look at this project in another, more dynamic way͟ that made them so outstanding in their field.

At Miklos Architecture, we consistently search for architectural design solutions that are unique and iconic. We endlessly generate hallmark designs that exceed our clients’ expectations. This has always been, and always will be, our mission. To our delight, we’ve received glorious exposure, as our work has been published in such respected print magazines such as Open House, Florida Design, Florida Architecture and Architectural Digest. Additional national recognitions include multiple episodes of ABC’s Extreme Makeover series. Miklos Architecture has continually demonstrated its excellence in the field of architecture with projects such as: multi-family homes, high-end residential estates including oceanfront, building additions, renovations and remodels, restaurants, franchise merchandising, automotive showrooms, medical and commercial buildings.

While it’s wonderful to receive such recognition and have the privilege to work on such a wide spectrum of engaging and challenging projects, it is you…the satisfied client…who drives our ambition, our passion, and our success.


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