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There is a story to be written. A dream yet to be shared. An opportunity to be realized.

This is the start of your architectural journey, the very first steps in an endeavor that will conclude in your MASTERPIECE.

For over 30 years, Miklos Architecture has been responsible for some of the most recognized architectural projects…but this is about YOU! This about your dreams, your voice, your project.

We realize that the selection of an architect can be daunting for even the most experienced homeowners. All architects are not created equally. The most talented architects are forged through experience, creativity, and execution…and in the end, it is their completed projects that matter most.

Miklos Architecture has never subscribed to one architectural style or method of design. We are merely the “storytellers” for our clients. Through the years, styles come and go, yet the one principle that stands the test of time is EXCELLENCE. That means understanding the client’s needs, having the willingness to listen and communicate relevant information, and treating each person and project with the utmost respect.

Together…we will tell YOUR STORY.



Take any past experiences or preconceived notions about architecture you might have and toss them into the wind.

Whether renovating one room, or building from the ground up, the project doesn’t need to be stressful. It’s a creative adventure and should be viewed at such. Exciting…but not scary. When something special is about to happen, you will feel it. Just wait until you experience that “eureka!” moment—it is truly exhilarating.

You do the talking, and rest easy in the knowledge that your voice will be heard, and your message will be clearly understood. It’s a conversation, not a lecture. I am here to listen.

You might not know exactly what you want at the outset, and that’s ok. If you do, I guarantee it you will receive it. And if you aren’t sure yet, I’ll help you figure it out through the exploration process. We will have a conversation about all that can be achieved. We will also discuss any limiting factors such as: budget, zoning, and building requirements.

To achieve the perfect end result, we will take your ideas and reduce them down to a composition that is the very essence of you—who you are, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how you live. My entire career has been built on the knowledge that the home is the most personal belonging an individual can possess, because it is the ultimate expression of self.

I want to come to your home and understand your life. I will fit into your world, not try to make you fit into mine. It will be a working relationship, yes, but a familiar one. It is true that designing a home can be perplexing, but consider me the calming, soothing and understanding influence who will take away the confusion and replace it with clarity. I will be your friend.

Always remember: I am here for you every step of the way. You are NOT alone.

Let’s have some fun!




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Architectural renovations require the unique qualities of the existing building..
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Interior architecture services you can integrate human aesthetic and ergonomic work
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